Cave Tourism

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In the surroundings of Pamporovo resort, which is located in one of the most picturesque mountains of Bulgaria – the Rhodopes Mountain, are also located the most beautiful and often visited by the tourists mountains.

Devil’s Throat

Many have heard of the exquisiteness and magnificence of the Devil’s Throat, but how many of you experienced it? The cave is located only 40 km away from Extreme Hotel and it is easily accessible by car. Interesting about it is the fact that there is located the biggest underground waterfall at the Balkans, however, not only – this is the place where you can get lost in the depths of Orpheus and Eurydice Legend. But we would not like to take more of the pleasure to hear the mythical story from the guide, while you are walking around in the cave.


Yagodinska Cave

Yagodinska Cave is in no way inferior to Devil’s Throat, au contraire. The cave is considered to be one of the most beautiful with its thousands of rock formations of stalactites, stalagmites and stalactones. The road to it is around 50 km, as one could easily make a one-day trip to both caves. The ennobled part of the cave is around a kilometer long as there are several main stops where the guides-speleologists who tell you about the story and mystics of the cave are located. The cave itself is in three layers, as in the upper one (a few hundred meters from the visitors’ exit of the cave) is located the unique museum with exhibited cave dwellings of pre-historical people, as well as their tools and food containers. Being in the region, this place should obligatory be visited. In the end, we advise you to drop by at the Eagle’s Eye, a place of 360 degree panorama of Buynovsko Gorge. From this place you may also see parts of Rila and Pirin Mountains. This attraction is relatively new – since 2009 – and if you decided to visit it, you should be driving an off-road vehicle or to rent one from the locals in the feet of the mountain.



This is the closest to Pamporovo and Extreme Hotel cave. It is located in the end of the village of Momtchilovtsi. Locals call the cave underground castle, because of its unique formations. The cave is in several floors, as in the upper one is located the Hall of Precipices, from which, following a steep ladder, one could reach the lower hall, which is also the most beautiful in the cave. Uhlovitsa is about 450 meters long, but the ennobled part is 330 meters. The cave ends with 7 beautiful lakes, which are full of water during the spring, as the most remarkable of them is the big stone waterfall, shining in white.



Golubovitsa 2 Water Cave is the most interesting one in the region and visiting it is the most exciting experience. This cave can only be entered with a guide and special equipment, because at some places passing is through lakes and streams and used there are rubber boats. The cave is open for visits from June to September. You may finish your unique experience in the unennobled cave by running down to Via Ferrata and the Alpine Trolley.


Marvelous Bridges

The Marvellous Bridges are the next unique sight in the region. Their beauty and charm are popular, however this can only be experienced in the place. The Rock Bridges, as their other name is, are located around 40 km away from Extreme Hotel, in Plovdiv direction, as the turn from the main road is 15 km. This is one of the most often visited by our guests place and definitely one of the most liked. There are wonderful picnic or just walking places around the Bridges, and the view is worth to be photographed.